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CSSDA – Kaber wins Website Of The Day!

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CSS Award for Kaber

I’m excited to announce that the website we recently crafted for Kaber has won Site Of The Day on CSS Design Awards which judges websites based on creativity, design, code, usability and content.!

It’s also featured on One Page Love and a nominee on Awwwards.

Kaber truly is an innovative company and we’re honored to be a part of helping them grow. Show the folks at Kaber some love and check out their new website!

Articles on WDL

Recent Stories Published on WDL

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As some of you may have noticed we’re now a guest author on Web Design Ledger, a standout blog in the web design industry that reaches well over a million people each month! We’re honored to be contributing content on WDL and while we’ll continue to publish stories on our blog from time to time, most of our new articles will be published on blogs like WDL where they can receive the most exposure and help the most people.

Our Latest

Below are recent stories published by Jared Chelf on WDL

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Marketing Strategy for your Website

Why you need a vertical marketing strategy

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When it comes to an effective marketing strategy, your business can’t take things lying down. A vertical strategy involves a tiered, interconnected system, seamlessly integrated into your online presence that combines smart design and content, the latest technology trends and social media metrics to maximize brand immersion, awareness and conversion. Let’s look at tips and technologies that can help you hone the perfect strategy for your brand. Read More

Using Video On Websites

Use Video On Your Website, It’s The New Content King

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The written word will always have its place, but the internet landscape has evolved and changed the way we think of information presentation. Website users have come to expect an interactive experience, and videos deliver. Here’s how videos became king of content, and why you need to start incorporating them into your website now. Read More

Web Design Trends 2014

Web Design Trends 2014

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2013 has seen a surge in new web design trends, driven by evolving user expectations, cultural shifts and new technologies. Design trends that started out hot this year have either gained momentum or fallen by the wayside to make way for more relevant design integrations. As the year draws to a close, certain design styles are breaking the mold, moving us away from the old days of information overload and toward cleaner, simper times, while offering users a more engaging and interactive experience.

Read on for a list of 2014 web design trends that are making waves and setting the new standard for today’s, and tomorrow’s, website. Read More

How To Protect Yourself From Getting Hacked

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We get asked a lot of questions related to technology. While we don’t provide computer support we do build websites that are secure to prevent your customer’s information from being hijacked.  When shopping on a website make sure “https” is displayed in the address bar indicating the website is using SSL (secure socket layer).  In addition, use strong passwords (uppercase letter, include numbers) and different passwords on multiple sites to reduce risk.   Read More