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Does blogging matter?

Does Blogging Really Matter?

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In a word: yes.

Blogging can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. Perhaps you’re a dedicated blogger and already know how much it has worked to increase traffic, qualified leads and boost sales. Or it’s possible that you’re like a good many business owners who had good intentions of keeping your blog current, posted initially when your site (re)launched and then quickly forgot that you even have a blog. If you’re part of the latter group (or just curious), this post is for you. Read More


How to Boost Your Website Traffic in 3 Steps

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It started with those five little words, “we need a new website.” Now it’s launched and positioned to compete, but there’s just one thing missing: visitors. If your website traffic gets less hits than the San Diego Padres, then it might be time to revisit your web strategy. Thankfully, there are some tactics that you can employ right now to improve your web presence. Follow these three must-dos for your site and get the response your business needs to succeed. Read More


Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

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A beautifully designed website with engaging content is a winning combination. But what’s one thing that can negatively effect even the best design? Poorly chosen stock photos.

Your audience has gotten smart and knows that the cheesy group of suits shaking hands is a cheap image found on any stock photography site. Instead of connecting with your audience, a mediocre stock image could impact your credibility and decrease the likelihood of getting that all-important conversion.

So, what to do?

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5 Ways to Boost Income through Your Website

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We’ve only just met, but I’m pretty sure I know that you know that repeat business is super important to your financial well-being. You’ve heard of that 80/20 rule, right? Pareto and his peas, my friend. Plus, you can crunch your own numbers, but I’ve read that it costs anywhere from 4-10 times as much for customer acquisition versus customer retention. Repeat business not only plays a major role in your business success, it’s also a key indicator of how well your website is performing. If you’re not seeing repeat activity on your site, you need to make some changes—and fast. Here are 5 tactics to earn repeat business through your website.

Get more by giving something good

Everybody loves a bargain. What’s even better is that a limited time incentive creates that sense of urgency that compels a customer to make the purchase.

Because hey, it’s on sale. Right. Now.

Right now is a goooood time to buy.  (Because, well, that offer could end any minute now.)

Advertise promotions on your site and send out personalized emails to each customer, thanking them for their business and offering discounts, deals and rewards to be used the next time they visit. Repeat customers are valuable. Why not give them a little value back? Read More

Holiday Survival Tips

Holiday Survival Tips You’ll Love Year-round: Let’s Get De-stressed

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Every year around mid-December, a flurry of articles on “Holiday Survival” and “Avoid Overdoing it During the Holidays” and the ever popular “How Keep Your Sh!t Together When Drunk Uncle Jerry Starts Talking About Your Ugly Duckling Phase at Christmas Dinner…Again” hit the interwebs, news stands and magazine covers. You browse a few headlines and take a mental note that this week you really do plan to take a walk after dinner and learn to say “no.”

But wouldn’t it be better for your general health and wellness if you employed these strategies year-round? After all, practice makes perfect.

Know Your Limits


This is true on so many levels from the number of last minute tasks you agree to take on to the consumption of Jingle Juice cocktails. Keep yourself feeling sound of mind and body by knowing your limits and stick to it. Taking on too much in a day can leave you feeling spread thin and unable to really focus on the tasks that matter, regardless of the time of year. So can that one last round. Read More


CSSDA – Kaber wins Website Of The Day!

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CSS Award for Kaber

I’m excited to announce that the website we recently crafted for Kaber has won Site Of The Day on CSS Design Awards which judges websites based on creativity, design, code, usability and content.!

It’s also featured on One Page Love and a nominee on Awwwards.

Kaber truly is an innovative company and we’re honored to be a part of helping them grow. Show the folks at Kaber some love and check out their new website!

Articles on WDL

Recent Stories Published on WDL

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As some of you may have noticed we’re now a guest author on Web Design Ledger, a standout blog in the web design industry that reaches well over a million people each month! We’re honored to be contributing content on WDL and while we’ll continue to publish stories on our blog from time to time, most of our new articles will be published on blogs like WDL where they can receive the most exposure and help the most people.

Our Latest

Below are recent stories published by Jared Chelf on WDL

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Marketing Strategy for your Website

Why you need a vertical marketing strategy

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When it comes to an effective marketing strategy, your business can’t take things lying down. A vertical strategy involves a tiered, interconnected system, seamlessly integrated into your online presence that combines smart design and content, the latest technology trends and social media metrics to maximize brand immersion, awareness and conversion. Let’s look at tips and technologies that can help you hone the perfect strategy for your brand. Read More