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La Crosse WI Blogs

Good blogs are hard to come by. Blogs that highlight events or people in our community are even harder to find, so Coulee Creative has done the work for you! Here is a list of the top forums and blogs from the La Crosse, Wisconsin area.


From the blog: “Got Opinions? Some strong? Some controversial? Do you sometimes get so heated and passionate about an issue that you almost start to foam at the mouth? Well, we want you. So please register today and show us how BIG A MOUTH YOU REALLY HAVE!!!”


From the blog: “Welcome to Coulee Region Art, an art blog promoting art and art related news in the 7-Rivers Region.  My name is Jeff Guin and I am the primary author for this blog site, although my main job at WKBT is as a Control Operator pushing buttons behind the scenes.  I am a practicing potter when I’m not pushing buttons in the control room and have a great interest in all forms of art.  We have a lot of art and a lot of artists right here in the Coulee Region and I thought this blog was the perfect opportunity to learn more about it for myself, and at the same time share all the information I gather with anybody and everybody wishing to read about it.  I hope all who visit this sight not only find it informative but also enjoy the visual beauty of the artwork created by the artists.”

Why you should follow: Coulee Region Art has upcoming art events in the La Crosse area and interviews from local artists. There are various types of art and art forms that are shown on the site – as well as samples of artists work. To keep up with the artist community in the coulee region, you will need to check this blog.


From the blog: “Thoughts on computers, companies, and the equally puzzling humans who interact with them”

Why you should follow: Views from the Bridge covers a wide range of topics – from PETA to the President. It is intellectual, witty and fun. She updates often, so make sure to check back to get the latest thoughts.


From the blog: “ is the home for Web-only content created by River Valley Newspaper Group staffers. Visitors to the site are welcome to post public comments about articles or make suggestions for content they would like to read.”

Why you should follow: River Valley Blog allows you to read more from your favorite journalists around the Coulee Region. The website has blogs from 12 different journalists so you are sure to find something that interests you.


From the blog: “The Single Life: Bikes Beer Breathing and Bikes”

Why you should follow: The Single Life has tales of biking (the bicycle kind) and enjoying the great outdoors. There are great photos of bike trails around the country and stories of bumps, broken bikes, and well, beer.


From the blog: “This blog is a source for music lovers to congregate, share their thoughts, and express their undying passion for music. Stay tuned for pictures, polls, interviews, videos, and much, much more!”

Why you should follow: Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy has a lot to say about her favorite genre of music – the 80s. With posts such as “David Lee Roth Picture of the Week”, local music guide and reviews, and contests such as “Ultimate Dream Band” – you are sure to be entertained.

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