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The Situation

Blossom Yearbooks has humble roots.
They started as a traditional yearbook printing company in a quiet suburb of the Twin Cities, in Blooming Prairie, MN, the home of the Blossoms. Growth, acquisition and strong competition compelled the brand to evolve from old school to fresh and modern.

In 2014, Blossom went through a much needed rebranding.
They were no longer just facing competition from the well-established legacy brands in the industry. New online competition popped up with streamlined business models and better websites. It was time for a change. Blossom updated their logo, brand colors and overall image. They now needed to bring their website up to their modern standards while still keeping with the tradition that their customers love and expect.

The Challenge

Our process at Coulee Creative always begins with gathering a deep understanding of the customers our clients serve and the techniques used by the strongest competition in their industry. Blossom was dealing with multiple customer types, as well as multiple forms of competition.

Our challenge was to create a web strategy that would demonstrate their strongest selling point and elevate the online experience to one that matches their exceptional one-on-one customer service. We started with surveys, research and digging into our own experiences to develop some key insights about the direction we needed to take for a successful redesign.

The Strategy

We took what we learned about Blossom’s strengths in their industry and their customers’ biggest pain points to develop a strategy to meet the following goals: convert visitors into leads, demonstrate exceptional product quality and create a premium user experience that is fun and functional.

Aside from the outdated branding, the current Blossom website asked for the sale before the customer had a chance to make a connection with their brand. This in stark contrast to how Blossom’s sales team manages their customer service calls and we knew what needed to happen to make the online experience feel more like a personalized service.

The first thing we did was organized the flow of the website. We minimized the clutter and focused on one set of benefits at time both visually and with strategic content and a call-to-action. This resulted in an engaging experience with the Blossom Yearbooks brand as each new section built upon the last.

We knew that Blossom’s quality was outstanding for their industry, but demonstrating something tangible in an online experience can be difficult.

We were up to the challenge 

We directed a product photoshoot that delivered on the high-end craftsmanship of the Blossom benchmark and used this imagery throughout the website to set the tone for the customer experience.

Finally, all the stunning visuals and strategic calls-to-action are of little value if the customer doesn’t convert to a lead. We knew from research and experience that browsing users drop off at various points in the conversion process. We used this knowledge to create forms that were simple to fill out and built momentum for the customer, while still gathering all the information necessary to help their sales team succeed.

The Takeaways

Translating the personal experience that a customer receives with an individual rep into an online platform is a challenge, but there is a lot to be learned about how to do things right by delving into the 1:1 experience. We took a lot of inspiration from how a salesperson leads the customer through the benefits of Blossom to create motivating content on the website.

The online experience has a unique strength of its own in the selling process. Beautiful imagery, pleasant interactions and use of color can help create an emotional connection with the user and encourage conversions in a way that cannot be done via traditional sales. The customer can see the beauty and quality, feels connected to the brand and motivated to engage further.

Blossom Yearbooks was launched in 2014 shortly before their sales season started in January 2015. The first month of data is a telling story of what great strategy combined with an exceptional product can achieve:

  1. 155% increase in conversions of online forms
  2. Duration on site increased from 1:21 to 2:53
  3. Increased rank on Google search results
  4. Decreased need for Google Ad spending (50% savings)
  5. 21% increase in new customers and trending upward

Blossom Yearbooks Website

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