Creating an Emotional Connection

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The Situation

Often by the time that parents find Chileda, the situation at home has gotten desperate. They need a good dose of hope and help from experts who understand exactly what they’re going through. Chileda was founded in 1973 as a living and learning center dedicated to helping children with cognitive and behavioral challenges reach their full potential. The staff is highly trained and includes some of the brightest people in the industry. A parent in need of this specialized help recognizes that they’re in the right place the moment they walk through the door. The warmth, support and experience is evident in everything they do.

When we were introduced to Chileda, they were in the midst of searching for an agency that could step outside of the traditional business model and envision their web presence as it would be seen through the eyes of the parent in need. It was critical that they align their online experience with the one that families discover in person.

The Challenge

A big part of our prep work involves a phase of discovery with every client we work with. We needed to know what pains Chileda was currently experiencing, as well as their goals and vision for an optimal outcome.

“Our website is a mess, we’re embarrassed of it, it doesn’t represent us” was what we heard from the task force pulled together from Chileda. It was also clear that above all else, they wanted their website to be about helping the family, never “selling” their services. Creating the emotional connection would be our challenge.

The Strategy

We collected all we learned from our interviews with Chileda to develop the top goals: create an emotional connection with the user, showcase their outstanding level of care and skill, and portray Chileda as who they really are: fun, friendly and exceptional people.

In order to really see through the eyes of the parents, we had to spend some time learning about what they were going through and how much Chileda can help. We did our research and began working on headlines, supporting copy and calls-to-action that would resonate with this audience. We also found that Chileda had a print brochure with an abundance of color and rich imagery that we could utilize to unite the in-person experience with the online experience.

As we considered the overall experience of Chileda, one thing was clear: we need good photography and compelling video. The difference that the staff makes in the children’s lives was extraordinary to observe. The online experience we wanted to create made it possible for our audience to see this transformation for themselves and envision the potential for their own child.

The Video

How can you ever truly walk in someone else’s shoes?

The Takeaways

It’s not an easy task to understand where each customer is coming from, what their daily life is like and the things that have happened to lead them to this point of need. We cannot honestly say that we know what it’s like to raise a child who needs Chileda’s services, but we certainly did our best to try to understand.

Creating an emotional connection with an audience relies upon a solid foundation of research, intuition, experience and empathy. We leveraged the power of emotion through strong copy, use of color, social proof and real photos and videos. This strategy enabled us to build user confidence by showing them all that Chileda had to offer in an engaging way.

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