Crafting A Brand

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The Situation

There are all kinds of options out there for people to meet up, hook up or match up with a potential amorous partner. But what about guys who want to learn real skills for developing a deep intimate connection? DateWise is the answer.

Evan Becchetti, Founder of DateWise, has an incredible story. His background of being “the nice guy” is only the beginning of his experience in learning to reprogram the subconscious and build confidence. He’s the real thing, and he recognized an opportunity to share the genuine system he’s created, as well as build a successful business that focuses on authenticity and effectiveness rather than cheap tricks. DateWise was becoming a reality as Evan created video courses, an ebook, interactive course material and supporting content.

With his system finely tuned, Evan reached out to us to create a website and branding that would embody the heart of DateWise.

The Challenge

Working with a startup company presents a fascinating opportunity to shape a brand’s image. Without specific brand elements already in place, the discovery phase is especially critical in order to understand not only what our client prefers, but also what will resonate best with the intended audience.

We began with a series of in-depth surveys and conversations to pinpoint a clear direction for the brand and web design. It was important to communicate love and authenticity, as well as effectiveness and confidence.

The Strategy

We partnered with DateWise to determine our two main goals: convert browsing users into purchasing participants and build the newsletter database for long-term conversions.

Armed with the information we gathered from surveys and conversations with DateWise, we set out to research the competition. We made a database of things that worked well, as well as techniques to avoid, and started mockups of the branding elements. We included colors and lines that inspired warmth and confidence as the foundation for the logo and supporting elements.

Once the branding was established, website mockups began based on all that we learned from our discovery and research phases. The branding elements became the backbone of the design, building upon the colors we initially determined to create a well-rounded palette that resonated emotionally with the user.

DateWise Logo

DateWise is a result of one person’s real journey of personal growth, turned into a professional opportunity to help others.

We were up to the challenge 

Establishing credibility was critical, so we leveraged the power of social proof into our design, then got to work on creating specific calls-to-action for immediate and long-term conversions. Carefully choosing imagery was also important, as it was necessary to convey the deep intimate connections that potential users would learn to build through this service.

The Takeaways

Growth is a continuous process. You don’t just wake up one day being the person, or professional, that you aspire to be. It takes patience and practice to achieve your goals, oftentimes suffering setbacks or complete failures that help you learn along the way.

DateWise is a result of one person’s real journey of personal growth, turned into a professional opportunity. As we look at our own professional evolvement, it’s inspiring to see what can be done with introspection, determination and the ability to be open to change.

DateWise Website

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